Train For Life


As a Personal Trainer my goal is to support a range of clients with varying degrees of abilities and goals and to guide and coach each individual on a path to reaching and sustaining those goals. The root of my training approach and fitness and wellness philosophy, TRAIN FOR YOUR LIFE® encourages each client to strive to reach their specific health goals through a uniquely crafted approach that is both sustainable and customizable to the demands of each person's life.

In this day and age the majority of us know that exercise and nutrition are an important part of our lives. We know we should be exercising and eating well but sometimes we don't always have the motivation to do it. Having worked in the fitness industry for 10 years now I have seen many fitness trends and fad diets come and go, but what has remained constant is the need to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

At the end of the day our bodies are a reflection of ourselves. Every step we take, coupled with every bite of food we eat, determines how our bodies will respond to what we ask them to do. You wouldn't put less than premium gas in a Ferrari, nor would you expect an SUV to hug the corners of a racetrack at high speed. If our bodies are the vehicles for living…what are you driving and how are you fueling yourself?

TRAIN FOR YOUR LIFE® is a way of developing and sustaining a fitness and wellness routine that is specific to the unique demands of your life. When we truly make the conscious decision to embody a healthy lifestyle, we are dedicating ourselves to everlasting change. For example, I have witnessed many people set weight goals that are either unrealistic or unsustainable resulting in disappointment, negativity and an eventual return to their former habits. People always want to lose weight so they will find the shortcuts. Some cut carbohydrates from their diet or eat substantially less calories during the day. Eventually the weight is dropped, however one's decision to deprive him/herself of not just specific foods but needed nutrients is not healthy nor is it achievable for the long-term. If that same person had made better decisions about what and how much they ate, the weight would still be lost and it would set the pace for a sustainable routine that can be met each day with health, happiness and satisfaction.

Of course, adding an exercise routine can only better the results. Having worked in fitness clubs for many years, I have seen many people come into the gym and do the same thing every day. We are habitual creatures by nature and are attracted to patterns, afraid to depart from our comfort zones beyond our favorite machines or classes. Simple changes that might not necessarily be any more difficult can make a huge impact. Having a trained professional alongside you can only help. Imagine the positive impact on your body if after years of doing one particular exercise you realized that you had been doing it wrong. We seek help from those who are trained professionals in medicine, taxes, auto-service and finance…so why would our preparation for a lifetime of fitness and nutrition be any different?

Stop and think for a moment, what does your life involve and what is important to you? Does your work make you travel, finding it hard to adopt a consistent routine? Are you a mother with non-stop responsibilities, which never allows you consistent mommy time-outs? Do you sit at a desk for the majority of your day and get low energy levels at about 3:00pm? When was the last time you ate a healthy breakfast on a consistent basis? Are you in and out of meetings all day and have no time to eat until you are starving? Can you barely touch your toes because your hips and back are stiff? Do you make excuses because you find exercise boring?

Change is not easy. My role is to guide you through the process so that eventually you can adopt healthy habits that are as important to you as brushing your teeth and as much of a priority to you as say spending time with your children.

TRAIN FOR YOUR LIFE® creates a program that is enjoyable and allows for life's little pleasures. You don't have to be a fitness buff to work out. Finding what's right for you is the key to success!

Train for what your life involves. Train for what your body is asking of you. TRAIN FOR YOUR LIFE® !!!