Train For Life

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching can be combined with any Personal Training, Pilates or Felxibility program or as a single entity.   This in-depth service addresses the specific needs of the client based on their current nutritional, exercise and lifestyle habits.  Each client’s program design is results-driven and includes education and execution ranging from general health and maintainable habits to an extensive sport-specific program.

Step 1: 60-Minute Nutritional Consultation (Complimentary with the purchase of a Nutrition Coaching Package).
An initial body type and lifestyle behavior evaluation is used to create the client’s customized program.  A series of measurements including muscle composition, body measurements and resting metabolic rate are taken.

Please Note: The nutritional consultation is done if using Nutrition Coaching and will be combined with the initial client consultation if partaking in a training regimen as well.

Step 2: 60-Minute Follow-Up Session
The next step is where we will meet to discuss goals and limitations of the client incorporating an action plan that is sustainable and customized for each person.  The client will walk away with a clear understanding of what behaviors will be needed to reach goals and what the commitment level will be to reach their goals.

Step 3: 60-Minute Nutrition Lessons
These will be bi-monthly meetings to retake measurements, determine the client’s adherence to the plan of action and the effectiveness of the program.  At each of these meetings, ongoing nutrition education and support will be taught.  The lesson will educate the client on the importance of their current goal and helpful strategies to help incorporate those goals into their lifestyle in order to create a reoccurring habit.  Once the client has created a self-sufficient habit their behavioral goals change and a new lesson is introduced.

* The location of Nutrition Coaching is flexible and based on the client's needs and personal requests.  Sessions should be done in a quiet area. Typical sessions may be done in-home, your building's gym, outdoors (weather permitting), at your local coffee shop or library, at your local membership gym (pending gym restrictions), or at other various gyms or facilities throughout Manhattan offering space rental.