Train For Life

Flexibility Training

Stretching Programs are created to address each client’s joint range of motion, asymmetries and movement patterns using a detailed Functional Movement Screening and Postural Analysis.  The client will be taught a series of self-myofascial techniques, dynamic stretches and corrective exercises that will prepare their body for movement, prevent injury and improve performance in addition to receiving manual stretching therapies.


* The location of Stretching programs is flexible and based on the client's needs and personal requests.  Typical sessions may be done in-home, in your building's gym, outdoors (weather permitting), at your local membership gym (pending gym restrictions), or at other various gyms or facilities throughout Manhattan offering space rental.

Postural Analysis and Functional Movement Screening

The analysis and screening step is used to assess the client from head to toe.  The screening will determine the client’s joint range of motion and asymmetries, in addition to any muscular imbalances and weaknesses the client may have.  The information gathered in this assessment allows for the proper program to be designed.

Please Note:  The Postural Analysis and Functional Movement screen is required for all new clients.  It is complimentary with the purchase of any Flexibility Training Session or Package.