Train For Life

Other Areas of Expertise

Editorial Work
In addition to being a seasoned personal trainer and nutritional coach, I am also available for other assignments in written copy, editorial and research.  This can encompass many areas of fitness and nutrition and can be as in-depth or general as your project requires.

*Orignial Content of Written Work can be created under strict guidelines for specific articles or in a more general setting for new creative ideas.

*Editing of Pre-Written Work can be provided for fact-checking and review of fitness concepts and success of ideas or programs.

*Research for Special Projects where my years of experience as a fitness professional can help to narrow down what material to use and determine optimal content for specific project goals.


Group talks and demonstrations about a variety of fitness and/or health and nutrition subjects that can be presented in a small or large setting as a way to get a group of individuals motivated and educated.

Workshops and Group Presentation

This is a more hands-on approach to education.  Workshops can be used to educate groups on a new subject or as a review of a specific or range of material in an interactive manner.