Train For Life

Personal Training

Personal Training services are offered on a one-on-one or duet-session basis.  Training sessions are divided into weekly and monthly program cycles that are customized based on progression towards achieving your specific short and long-term goals.

* The location of Personal Training is flexible and based on the client's needs and personal requests.  Typical sessions may be done in-home, in your building's gym, outdoors (weather permitting), at your local membership gym (pending gym restrictions), or at other various gyms or facilities throughout Manhattan offering space rental.


Client Consultation
The client consultation step is an initial baseline assessment used to take a snapshot of the client’s current fitness level, dietary and lifestyle habits and allows for the trainer and client to discuss medical history, contraindications and goals.  The assessments include height, weight, muscle composition, body measurements, resting heart rate, resting metabolic rate, blood pressure, postural analysis and a functional movement screening.  The purpose of this evaluation is to discover hidden weaknesses, prevent injury, determine goals, build balanced fitness and magnify your potential.

Please Note:  The Personal Training Consultation is required for all new clients.  It is complimentary with the purchase of any Personal Training Session or Package.

Areas of Expertise
Whether you're new to working out or a seasoned professional, we will build a regiment that is best for your individual style and goals. Below are the areas in which I have an extensive background, training and certifications that make me a safe and effective instructor.

General Conditioning works to create an overall healthy client through energy system development, strength, endurance and power training.

Weight Loss programs are designed to decrease body fat, increase lean body mass, improve muscular strength and endurance.

Please Note: Clients who are dedicated to a weight-loss program are advised to also participate in Nutrition Coaching.

Sport Specific training is designed to improve and enhance upon the athlete's sport specific requirements including energy system development, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and skill work.

Pre- and Post-Natal training is the intricate programming that occurs throughout the nine months leading up until birth and the six-month window following delivery. Pre- and Post-Natal programming is created to maintain the client's current fitness level while also preparing for the physical changes on the body throughout each trimester, the challenge of delivery and the daily physical demands of motherhood.

Please Note: A Medical Release Consent Form is required before starting a Pre- and-Post-Natal Training Program. Please find a standard Medical Release Consent Form under the Contact tab.

Post Rehabilitation is for the client who has limited training abilities due to an injury that is currently being treated, or who has recently been discharged from Physical Therapy. Programs are created to continue to strengthen the injured area, while also progressing to a total-body training regimen within the constraints of the client's injury.

Please note: A Physical Therapy Discharge Form is required from your PT, in addition to a Medical Release Consent Form before starting Post Rehabilitation Training. Please find a standard Medical Release Consent Form under the Contact tab.

Muscle Hypertrophy is training where the goal is to increase the size of muscle mass. Programs are created using both strength and power training to obtain the desired muscular definition.

Please note: Clients who are dedicated to the results of a true Hypertrophy program are advised to also participate in Nutrition Coaching.