Train For Life


Raul Esparza-Stage and Television Actor, Singer
Francie's help in my life and my career has been priceless. We started working together to achieve very specific goals related to a role that I was about to play. I needed to lose weight quickly and gain muscle mass, but this wasn't just about size but rather the suggestion of coiled power. And it was something I knew I couldn't accomplish on my own.

I don't know about you, but the thought of lifting heavy objects indoors repeatedly sounds like training for purgatory and holds all the excitement of staring at floating lint. What a shocker to discover that with Francie I not only enjoyed the workouts but was actually looking forward to them.

Her training not only challenges my body but it keeps my mind engaged as well. These sessions aren't easy, ever, and there's no time for spacing out. She caters the workout to me, to the individual, to the goals but also to the mindset I have. After a session, no matter what else may fall into my day, I know that this, at least, I have accomplished. I have pushed myself further than I thought I could physically go. I tell her sometimes the workouts feel like they save my life in this crazy business I work in. Now I work with Francie weekly, and I continue to look better than I ever have. It makes my friends jealous. And every part I take on, with each of its separate challenges, has become a tailored series of workouts for Francie to create with me. That makes my co-workers jealous. And, yes, I looked fantastic and a little scary in that first role. I won awards and even got a Tony nomination for it. Now, I'm not saying that she'll help you win awards and nominations, but, hey, just maybe...

Julie Schwartzberg-Financial Executive, Marathon Runner
As someone who goes to the gym a lot and is a frequent runner I consider myself to be a healthy person, but I consistently battle pains in certain parts of my body. My hope when I started to train with Francie in 2008 was that together we could strengthen those areas that were weak while at the same time maintaining a challenging and interesting workout. Over the years Francie has taught me how important it is to take a more holistic approach to training the entire body, not only through improving strength and endurance but also through motion and agility. She always stresses the importance of not just doing an exercise which is appropriate for you, but doing it correctly; mistakes that one finds a lot at the gym. Francie makes a point of continuously educating herself in a variety of areas of her field so that she can truly understand what coaching needs to be done to achieve the correct and unique results for each person. She is patient and understanding when I question my ability to do certain things but her energetic personality and positive reinforcement always help me get through my insecurities. Working out with Francie has allowed me to hone my skills in to meet my goals of running half- and full-marathons that are increasingly faster and always pain-free. She has taught me to address not only my exercise but my nutritional and lifestyle habits which has led to a healthier and leaner me. Francie is an excellent trainer with the skills to program for any goal and the drive to motivate any personality to get there.

John Doherty-Business Owner, Runner, Skier, Golfer
When I met Francie eight years ago I had not consistently exercised in over 10 years. I ate bacon, egg and cheese from Dunkin Donuts every morning and was, well let's just say a party animal with a very unhealthy lifestyle. Since working with Francie, I have lost 30lbs and have become an avid runner. With Francie's coaching, I ran my first half-marathon and full-filled my goal of running the NYC Marathon. I never wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle and clearly was never motivated enough to do so. With Francie's dedication to my health and fitness I have found the motivation to maintain a very active and health conscious way of living. I now enjoy being as active as possible. Besides my daily workouts I have more energy than ever to take on the daily grind of my job in addition to participating in my favorite seasonal activities of golfing and skiing. I wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and ready to take on everything the day throws at me. My time with Francie is both challenging and fun which always make me come back for more. Whether it is within our hourly workouts or outside on my own she always goes the extra mile to make sure to motivate me to the point where I am pushing myself to new limits-never settling for what she knows I am well beyond capable of doing. The next best thing to having her as my trainer, nutrition coach and daily motivator is having her as my wife!!

Claire Davies-IT Manager, Marathon Runner, Triathlete. Kettlebell addict!
I think the Health and Fitness Gods were looking down on me when I first joined a gym and I was assigned Francie as my trainer. I was so over weight I could tell it was beginning to compromise my ability to move correctly and it seemed like a monumental task to get to a healthy weight and get in shape.

Francie provides a genuine customized program for each of her clients, taking time to find out what their goals are, what they enjoy and what inspires them to train. She helps to set small goals to keep you focused on progress and constantly changes the workout to keep them interesting challenging and fun ... yes really FUN!.

With Francie's expert advice and guidance I achieved results I never thought possible - Not only did I loose 70lbs, I started running and after working up from 5K races I went from barely being able to walk up the subway stairs to running the NYC Marathon in 4 hours

Thank You Francie!! I love my new life!

Adam Kansler-Business Executive, Father of Two
Ode to Francie Lloyd

Why do I like working out with Francie?

Francie knows how to push me in a way that is rewarding and produces results. She reads what my body and mind are ready for and applies the right pressure, exercises and motivation to get me on track.

What is Francie like?

Always a smile. Always a motivating energy and zest. Always makes me want to do better, do more. Knows that sometimes I just don't want to be there – but she makes it happen.

What is Francie's expertise?

Francie looks closely at what my body is and isn't doing. Where is flexibility limited, where am I strong or weak. How is my posture, my endurance, my attitude. She tailors the workout and approach to get the right response and results. I wouldn't work out with anyone else.

What kind of results can I expect?

Francie is always clear – there is no limit. I set the goal and the level of commitment – she will get me there. Whether it's losing a few pounds, bulking up muscle, or just wanting to wake up feeling strong and rested – her knowledge of nutrition, movement and training let her guide me in a straight line to what I want to achieve. At the end of the day, it's all about results and that's where Francie keeps her eye.

Okay, but what's the bottom line?

Bottom line is I just like working out with Francie. She can get me to do things I would never do on my own, and is thoughtful enough to figure out my personality and get me to do it.

Hillary Reuter-Business Executive-SASSY NEW YORKER
I started training with Francie in May of 2006. I was in a bad job, a bad place in life, and I wanted desperately to quit smoking. It took me two years to quit smoking and it was Francie who helped me get to a place where I felt strong and confident enough to do so. She never lost patience, never stopped believing in me, and never stopped encouraging me to believe in myself. She has encouraged me to create physical milestones for myself, to conquer my fear of trying new things, and to realize that I am worth the hard work and the reward that exercise brings. As evidence to my new found courage, I have climbed Machu Picchu, tried snowboarding, taken tap, ballet, and gymnastics lessons, done Pilates, practiced bikram yoga, attempted to become a runner, and have taken a variety of exercise classes. Each new experience would not have been possible without Francie as my fear would have deterred me from trying new activities.

One of my favorite things about Francie is that she loves being a personal trainer. She is patient, compassionate, kind, and creative. She has a deep understanding of the human body and wants her clients to own their goals and successes. Francie has taught me to love exercise for both its physical and mental impact it has on my body. She has a unique way of motivating me and bringing out the best in me, but at the same time, she does not allow for excuses. In order to get the most out of the sessions I have with Francie, I have made a commitment to her and to myself to work out on my own 2-3 days a week. I have seen huge results in myself physically and mentally over the last five years, none of which would have been possible without Francie.

Emily Joslin- Stay At-Home Mom
I worked out with Francie during my second and third trimesters, right up until I had my son. She did an excellent job of tailoring a prenatal workout for me that was challenging yet manageable; I actually looked forward to our sessions. Francie was able to target exactly the right areas while incorporating plenty of stretching to keep me flexible. I felt toned and strong throughout my pregnancy, and bounced back to my previous weight and fitness level quickly. Thanks to Francie's thoughtful prenatal workouts, I received many compliments for looking great both during and after my pregnancy.